Microsoft has announced the general availability of two new services: Azure DocumentDB, Microsoft's horse in the NoSQL race, and Azure Search.

Azure DocumentDB is a fully managed, highly scalable NoSQL document database service, according to a blog post by Vibhor Kapoor, director, product marketing, Microsoft Azure. DocumentDB, slated for general availability on April 8, provides transactional processing over a schema-free JSON data model. This helps enable rapid development and high performance, accordingn to Kapoor.

"Developers want to build cloud-based applications that support multiple platforms and different concurrent versions between multiples applications for user-generated content, IoT and gaming scenarios," said Kapoor. "They want these applications to deliver high-scale and reliable performance. NoSQL has emerged as the leading category of database technology to address these needs." 

Using DocumentDB, companies will be able to assign collections of data to three different performance levels. This will allow customers to purchase only the performance they need, said Kapoor. At general availability, DocumentDB will include Hadoop integration, a Java SDK, hourly billing, support for larger documents, SQL parameterization, additional regions and larger account sizes, he added.

Microsoft has also released to general availability Azure Search, a “search as a service” offering (which I guess we can’t abbreviate as  SaaS, since that’s already taken). Azure Search will help developers build search capabilities into Web and mobile applications, reducing the "friction and complexity of implementing full-text search," said Kapoor.

Microsoft said Azure Search also provides features not available in competing offerings, including multilanguage support. Updated features, according to Kapoor, include the ability to more easily load data from DocumentDB, Azure SQL Database and SQL Server on Azure VMs to Azure Search using new indexers. A new SDK is also now available.