Microsoft continues to release updates to the flagship management tool for SQL Server, Management Studio, on their monthly cadence. The latest version just went public and is available for download here.

There are roughly a dozen fixes incorporated into this release, many covering the new Always Encrypted feature of SQL Server 2016:

  • Users can deploy SSIS packages containing OData Connection Manager which connects a Microsoft Dynamics AX/CRM Online resource to an SSIS catalog. For more information, see OData Connection Manager.
  • Configuring Always Encrypted on an existing table fails with errors on unrelated objects. Connect ID 3103181
  • Configuring Always Encrypted for an existing database with multiple schemas doesn't work. Connect ID 3109591
  • The Always Encrypted, Encrypted Column wizard fails due to the database containing views that reference system views. Connect ID 3111925
  • When encrypting using Always Encrypted, errors from refreshing modules after encryption are incorrectly handled.
  • Open Recent menu option doesn't show recently saved files. Connect ID 3113288
  • SQL Server Management Studio is slow when right-clicking an index for a table over a remote (Internet) connection. Connect ID 3114074
  • Fixed an issue with a missing scroll bar in SQL Designer. Connect ID 3114856
  • The context menu for tables momentarily hangs.
  • SQL Server Management Studio occasionally throws exceptions in Activity Monitor and crashes
  • SQL Server Management Studio crashes with error "The process was terminated due to an internal error in the .NET Runtime at IP 71AF8579 (71AE0000) with exit code 80131506"
  • SQL Server Management Studio occasionally throws exceptions in Activity Monitor and crashes.  Connect ID 697527

For continued updates on future releases of SQL Server Management Studio and the list of associated fixes check back next month.