Mark Kromer

Sr. Program Manager , Microsoft

Mark Kromer is Microsoft Sr. Program Manager in Azure IM team. Previously: PM, director, manager & architect in the business intelligence, data warehouse and Big Data world for over 20 years for MSFT, Oracle, DataStax and Pentaho. Twitter: @kromerbigdata

Posts by Mark Kromer

New business intelligence diagram

Old BI vs. New BI

in SQL Server BI Blog Oct 29, 2013
A very common reference to business intelligence approaches has emerged, comparing "old BI" to "new BI."...

Integrating MongoDB and Open Source Data Stores with Power Pivot

in SQL Server BI Blog Sep 23, 2013
Business users don't care where data is stored or where it's coming from. By using data integration tools, you can expose MongoDB data stores to......

Microsoft Cloud BI Update 2013

in SQL Server BI Blog Jul 15, 2013
I've been blogging about cloud BI and Microsoft's bits and pieces and slow roll into the cloud with BI. The "Power BI for Office 365" announcements......

Use SSIS for ETL from Hadoop

in SQL Server BI Blog May 08, 2013
In this blog post, Mark Kromer walks you through using SSIS as a way to use ETL techniques using Microsoft's Hadoop on Windows (HDInsight) as a......

Add Power View Reports to Your PerformancePoint 2013 Dashboards

in SQL Server BI Blog Apr 15, 2013
Mark Kromer shows new methods for adding Power View reports into your PerformancePoint dashboards with SharePoint 2013....

PowerPivot as Tableau Data Source

in SQL Server BI Blog Nov 19, 2012
I find PowerPivot to be an incredibly powerful tool for building ad-hoc analytical models from heterogeneous data sources. Now, there are a LOT of......

Big Data Analytics with Hive, Windows & SQL Server

in SQL Server BI Blog Nov 11, 2012
Big Data has become one of the most over-used and over-loaded terms in IT and data management in recent years. Since we focus on business......

SQL Server 2012 BI with SQL System Center Data Warehouse

in SQL Server BI Blog Jul 11, 2012
A great way to monitor and manage large SQL Server enterprise environments is with the Microsoft System Center Suite, particularly monitoring the......

Add a Power View Web Report to Your PPS Dashboards

in SQL Server BI Blog Jun 22, 2012
One of the most exciting and talked-about updates to SQL Server 2012 is SSRS 2012 and the new Power View reporting tool. If you’ve built existing BI......

Microsoft Cloud BI Update 2012

in SQL Server BI Blog Jun 09, 2012
It’s been a little while here on the SQL Server Pro Mag BI Blog since I’ve provided any updates on the state of Cloud BI in the world of Microsoft BI......